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Package manager

A package manager is a set of tools that automates and manages computer software. They deal with packages, or collections, of bundled files. Package managers make it easy to install, upgrade, or remove software for a computer's operating system.

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sabrinaluo commented Jun 5, 2019

Do you want to request a feature or report a bug?
feature request

What is the current behavior?
Currently yarn why won't indicate any package info in the resolutions field

If the current behavior is a bug, please provide the steps to reproduce.

  1. install a package with any version, e.g "pkg": "^1.0.0"
  2. add resolutions field in package.json, pkg: "1.0.0"
  3. upd
abn commented Mar 30, 2021

This is a great issue to work on if you are new to the Poetry code base and want to start contributing. Over the years the poetry code base has added various fixes that catered to now unsupported versions of python. With the release of 1.2, we will drop support for all Python versions prior to 3.6. With this we want to clean up the code base of any such workarounds we did to support backwards

chriskrycho commented Apr 16, 2020

In a project with a given tool installed locally (in this case, ember-cli)—

  • Expected:

    $ volta list
    ⚡️ Currently active tools:
        Node: v12.16.2 (current @ /Users/chris/dev/test/foo/package.json)
        Yarn: v1.22.4 (current @ /Users/chris/dev/test/foo/package.json)
        Tool binaries available:
            ember (current @ /Users/chris/dev/test/f
arschles commented Nov 13, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Not related to a problem

Describe the solution you'd like

We opened #808 to discuss how we might use GitHub actions. At the time, this repo didn't have actions enabled. Now that it does, we should try them out for some of the things in that thread.

_Edit from @arschles - we have focused this issue to just the twitte

marcandre commented Jan 5, 2021
        ruby-version: 3.0.0

Should be using a matrix, even if you only want a single version, as it makes it easier to add versions.
Morevover, I feel that just the current stable ruby version is not the best default. My recommendation would be current and two preceding, but I leave that up to the maintainers.
More importantly, I believe that ruby-head should be there b