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MrCull commented Nov 5, 2020

Describe the bug
The markup version of the readme that is displayed in the main page for this repo contains the following links:
Status code [404:NotFound] - Link:
Status code [404:NotFound] - Link:

(The links in the readme’s markdown may appear different to the link

zaza81 commented Oct 19, 2021
  • Missing information on how to create other databases
  • Missing information on how to switch to other databases
  • When using time travel, we don’t know where to get the transaction number from - we should show this to the user after committing data (this may be a missing capability in immudb / tools).
  • The last long query example in the quick start is incorrect (incorrect


leeoniya commented Dec 14, 2019

it's becoming more time-consuming and error-prone to manually re-test all the demos following internal refactorings and API adjustments.

now that the API is fleshed out a bit, it's possible to test a large amount of code (non-granularly) without having to simulate all interactions via Puppeteer or similar.

a lot of code can already be regression-tested by simply running all the demos and val

Bluenix2 commented Aug 7, 2021

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Many static type checkers have issues finding Cython's stubs.
Here is from running mypy on my current project:

error: Skipping analyzing "cython": found module but no type hints or library stubs

The same issue can be seen when using import Cython as cython:

error: Skipping analyzing "Cython": found module but 

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