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Python is a dynamically typed programming language designed by Guido van Rossum. Much like the programming language Ruby, Python was designed to be easily read by programmers. Because of its large following and many libraries, Python can be implemented and used to do anything from webpages to scientific research.

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twoertwein commented Jul 3, 2021

🚀 Feature

Support to pickle a jitted function (or at least throw a TypeError when using protocol 0 and 1).


Trying to pickle a jitted function either raises TypeError: cannot pickle 'torch._C.ScriptFunction' object when protocol>1 or far worse when using protocol=0 or protocol=1 python 3.9.5 dies with:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runt
tiangolo commented Jun 12, 2020

First check

  • I added a very descriptive title to this issue.
  • I used the GitHub search to find a similar issue and didn't find it.
  • I searched the FastAPI documentation, with the integrated search.
  • I already searched in Google "How to X in FastAPI" and didn't find any information.
  • I already read and followed all the tutorial in the docs and didn't find an answ
TomAugspurger commented Jul 22, 2021
  • I have checked that this issue has not already been reported.

  • I have confirmed this bug exists on the latest version of pandas.

  • (optional) I have confirmed this bug exists on the master branch of pandas.

Code Sample, a copy-pastable example

import pandas as pd
a = pd.DataFrame({"A": pd.array(['a', 'b'], dtype=pd.StringDtype("pyarrow"))})

Created by Guido van Rossum

Released February 20, 1991


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