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zwimer commented Jun 25, 2021


Currently "Recently Added" videos are displayed prominently. This issue is meant to provide a way to disable this for privacy reasons.

Desired Behavior

Provide an option in default permissions in settings to hide 'Recently Added'. That is, if this is not a default permission, new users will not get the 'Recently Added' view when they log in.

Additional Contex

AtoMiC Toolkit simplifies HTPC / Home Server setup and management on Ubuntu and Debian variants including Raspbian. It currently supports: Couchpotato, Deluged, Emby, FFmpeg, Headphones, Htpcmanager, Jackett, Kodi, Lazylibrarian, Madsonic, Mono, Mylar, Nzbget, Nzbhydra, NzbToMedia, Ombi, Plex, Plexpy, Pyload, qBittorrent, Radarr, Sabnzbd+, Sickgear, Sickrage, Sonarr, Subsonic, Transmission, Unrar, Watcher, and Webmin.

  • Updated May 27, 2020
  • Shell

Dockerfiles: Check_Mk, Couchpotato, Deluge, Gollum, Headphones, Jackett, Lazy Librarian, Miniflux, Nginx/PHP-FPM, OpenVPN PIA client, Plex, Privatebin, Radarr, Sabnzbd, Samba, SSH Socks Proxy server, Sonarr, Syncthing, Stringer,Transmission, Unifi Controller.

  • Updated Sep 3, 2021
  • Dockerfile
Alek-Zywot commented Aug 21, 2019

Hey, thanks for making this! Its a great collection of apps and scripts. What you've done with Plex and remote transcode is really impressive!

I know this isn't an issue per se but was I was wondering if you have any thoughts about creating a docker container with all the dependencies and then running all the scripts from within that container.

To illustrate my situation: I have this runnin

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