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A server is a program or device that provides functionality for other programs and devices, called clients. This relation forms the Client-Server Model.

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Joannis commented Nov 14, 2021

When checking a request's remoteAddress, it's usually the address from which NIO received the request. While that's technically correct, Vapor servers are often hosted behind a reverse-proxy such as nginx. Therefore the original peer's address is often lost. To resolve this, it's not uncommon to set the original peer's address in a header such as X-Forwarded-For.

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Librechain commented Oct 15, 2021

Asking about this since the NSA recently published guidance advising the public and private sectors to transition to cryptographic algorithms that are no less than sha384 & ec384 (elliptic curves).

While Edwards' Curves are different, its worth noting that prior to this update sha256 & secp256k1 were both on the list of acceptable cryptographic algorithms. My deduction was that 128-bit securit

bramp commented Dec 27, 2020

This is a feature request, to display the valid SSL name (from the certificate) when starting up the server.

Steps to reproduce the issue, if applicable. Include the actual command and output and/or stack trace.

$ http-server -S

Starting up http-server, serving ./ through https
Available on:

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gibmat commented Jan 2, 2022

Operating System


OpenRCT2 build

Current develop branch

Describe the issue

The manpage (distribution/man/openrct2.6) and help output (src/openrct2/cmdline/RootCommands.cpp) both reference a link that no longer exists: If possible, a new saved park should be posted and those two files updated, otherwise those examples should be remove

mweinelt commented Jan 18, 2022


We currently have 5 bots on our mumble server. One is botamusique, four are telephone dial-in connections. That means our server always shows at least 5/100 users in the connection pane, while no actual people are connected.


Allowing bots to flag their connection as such would allow the server to advertise the actual number of people connected, which is more he