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dudutch commented Nov 30, 2021

Apache Airflow Provider(s)


Versions of Apache Airflow Providers

This looks to be the same issue as was addressed in 17198 except for the MsSqlOperator instead of the MySql Operator.

I'm attaching a file that I used to fix the issue

scravy commented Nov 26, 2021


It is possible to access individual parameters, labels, or annotations from within a workflow via

  • workflow.parameters.<NAME>,
  • workflow.labels.<NAME>,
  • and workflow.annotations.<NAME> respectively.

It is also possible to get all parameters as a JSON string:

  • workflow.parameters

It would be great if also labels and annotations could be exposed that way:

Zelldon commented Nov 17, 2020


When using the zbctl to create a worker we are able to set some flags, like the timeout of the job activation, but it is not clear from the help what the unit is and how the parameter should look like.

[zell camunda-cloud/ ns:bece6b37-3b9c-4fd0-8e79-4990cd0d057d-zeebe]$ zbctl create worker
Error: accepts 1 arg(s), received 0
  zbctl create worker <type> [flag

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