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Localize Tool & Localized Menu for Sublime Text 2/3 End User

  • Provide a easy way to add new languages
  • Support multiple version/platform
  • Support share common menus
  • Auto backup local menus
  • Auto unpack new build english menus

This project is also hosted at


Work on Windows

Work on Windows

Work on OS X

Work on OS X

Work on Ubuntu

Work on Ubuntu


  • With Package Control
  • Manually
    • donwload,unpack to Packages,then rename LocalizedMenu-master to LocalizedMenu
    • git clone to Packages
     git clone


  • Toggle in menu
    • via Preference -> Languages
  • Toggle in command panel
    • Ctrl+Shift+P, typelmxx(xx is the locale code) to toggle

Add A Language

  • copy locale/en/en.json to locale/<locale>/<locale>.json, localize to your language

  • copy menu/<version>/en/* to menu/<version>/<locale>/*, localize to your language

  • For example, now add locale named my for Sublime Text Build 3999

    • open LocalizedMenu dir, via Preference -> Languages -> Add a language
    • enter locale, copy en to my
    • enter my, rename en.json to my.json, edit as:
     	"link": "",
     	"hidden": false,
     	"caption": "MyLanguage",
     	"mnemonic": "m"
    • entermenu/3999, copy en to my, and tranlate all caption in menu files
    • detect language via Preference -> Languages -> Detect, then MyLanguage (my) display

    locale configs
    link: the target locale linked to
    hidden: hide menu item
    caption: language name,locale code will auto add extraly
    mnemonic: hotkey,optional,make sure caption contain it,Case sensitive

Submit A Language

Locales & Contributors

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The MIT License